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Short description:   "Die Ölspurhexe" is a cleaning system developed by the company
                           Wehner Motors GmbH & Co. Kfz Handel KG which can be mounted 
                           in different types on different vehicles.


Typ WM 275 / 2:    Launch vehicle:    MAN TGL 8.220
                           Working pressure: Max. 275 bar
                           Discs:                2 x 1.000 mm
                           Working width:    ca. 1.900 mm

Typ WM 275 / 3:    Launch vehicle:    MAN TGL 12.220
                           Working pressure: Max. 275 bar
                           Discs:                 3 x 1.000 mm
                           Working width:     ca. 2.700 mm

Purpose:               "Die Ölspurhexe" is used to clean traces of oil on roads, 
                           paving stones and indoor surfaces.Beside light and heavy oil,
                           DIE ÖLSPURHEXE also can remove kinds of animal fat as well 
                           as herbal fat and pollution by the environment and traffic.

Technical details:    Because of the patented swivel system the discs can be mounted in a row.
                           This allows to double the speed with the WM 275-2 and to triple it with the
                           WM 275-3. In this position, the swivel system can act from the left to the
                           right streetside. Due to the flexible suspension of the discs, the unevenness
                           of the surface, which has to be cleaned can be compensated as far as possible

              Series  WM 275 / 2                                                   Series WM 275 / 3

Testreport Nr.          M210710/02
                         under the specific quality and testing of machines
and device (power Class M-LKM) RAL-GZ 899 of GGVU e.V 

                      KUC Dr.Kaussmann-Umweltconsult "Umweltgutachter-u. Sachverständigenbüro", Wenden